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You know that Confluence & Jira are invaluable tools for content creation and issue tracking. You have spent countless hours with it. But still, time and time again, you have asked yourself: How is _____ not a standard feature in Confluence or Jira?

Here’s why: Atlassian relies on app partners, such as bitvoodoo, to supply any missing features to subgroups of the vast universe of Confluence and Jira users. Here at bitvoodoo, we’ve been doing just that, since 2008: Developing apps for Confluence and Jira Data Center and Cloud, always in close collaboration with our project and app customers. We have sworn, puzzled, and researched; we have created, improved and abolished apps in the process. We will not rest before we have delivered the tools you need to get your work done with Atlassian tools.

Over 13,000 companies worldwide use our apps. Here’s a small selection:

Atlassian users love our apps.

  • I love bitvoodoo. These guys are so generous and good at what they do. Navitabs works perfectly.

  • Great replacement for GA and helps gather all the statistics of your pages!

    Joseph White
  • Great plugin, we are using this on most of our pages. People like the easy usage of predefined (company colors,...) boxes. Thanks for this great piece of software!

    Markus Lepper
  • One of the best solution for multi language requirements in Confluence. Easy to use and we love it.

    Jan Priebe