More Confluence & Jira
apps by bitvoodoo.

Next to the flagship bitvoodoo apps that we feature prominently, we have developed many other helpful apps over the years. Our apps are available via Atlassian’s Marketplace and can be integrated into your Confluence or Jira with a few clicks. Each app’s features are described in detail in the bitvoodoo app documentation. The apps in this list focus on Data Center instances. Some might be available for Cloud in the future. Other apps, like the popular Enterprise Theme for Confluence, will not take this leap due to the technical differences between Confluence Cloud and DC.

Enterprise Theme for Confluence

Extend your Confluence intranet with configurable design templates, valuable macros, and supporting features.

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Chat for Confluence

Use our built-in Confluence chat for real-time collaboration among team members. Stay in Confluence while chatting without having to switch apps.

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Templates for Blog Posts for Confluence

Create templates for recurring blog posts like team meetings, scrum meetings, reviews, etc. Maintain consistency by creating central blog templates.

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Content Scheduler for Confluence

Prepare your Confluence blog post in advance and set the publishing date and time. Have your blog post published automatically, even when you’re not at your desk.

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Redirect for Confluence

Assign unique landing pages to Confluence user groups instead of having one global homepage only. As soon as a user accesses Confluence, they are redirected to their specified homepage.

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Custom Field Option Synchroniser

Save time when using multi-value custom fields (e.g. dropdowns, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc.). CFOS automatically keeps your selected custom fields synchronized with your external databases.

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External Links for Confluence

So basic that it shouldn't have to be an external app (even if we say so ourselves): Open attachments and external links in new tabs by default.

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Advanced Search for Confluence

Create custom-made search boxes tailored exactly to your needs. Filter the search with checkboxes & metadata to find the relevant results much faster.

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Free Confluence apps
by bitvoodoo.

Times have changed. What used to be top-notch technology in 2014 is considered old in 2021. This is why we have decided to give some of our “oldies but goldies” apps away for free. These Confluence apps, available on Data Center are no longer supported and might disappear in the years to come.

Congrats for Confluence

Celebrate special occasions with your team members and work colleagues. Users can send wishes and personal notes for birthdays, work anniversaries and more.

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Label Scheduler for Confluence

Schedule labels for pages, blog posts and attachments. Configure when the label should be attached or removed.

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Macro Documentation for Confluence

Generate the documentation of your plugin macros automatically.

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