Translations for Confluence

Multilingual Confluence content.

Making Confluence a place for multilingual content – one page at a time.

How do I translate
in Confluence?

Confluence doesn’t support multilingual pages out of the box. That’s why we developed Translations for Confluence,  so you can use Confluence in multiple languages. Just pick a language in the editor, add all your content in that language, then add another language on the same page. Proceed to create a multilingual knowledge base that benefits both your employees and customers.

Translations for Confluence

Why use Translations
for Confluence?

Translating content is an investment in the future. That’s why the app is available for Cloud, Data Center and Server. Content can be migrated swiftly between deployments. Translations for Confluence is here to stay.

No hassle. No rigid workflow.

No need to do it all at once - simply start with the pages that are most important to your readers, no matter where these pages are located in the navigation.

Add languages easily

Fully flexible: Use as many (or as few) languages on any page or blog post as you need.

Customized to your language

No matter how many languages are used on any page, the app will display the content in your preferred language only.

Switch language with one click

See page content in another language by using the drop-down menu.

Use translations in Jira Service Management

Harvest the fruit of your translation work: The translated content is fully integrated into JSM to offer support to international customers.

Cloud Fortified

"Translations for Confluence" has passed a systematic Atlassian inspection and is an exceptionally secure and reliable Cloud app.

The Translations app is loved
by people who care about
multilingual content.

  • One of the best solution for multi language requirements in Confluence. Easy to use and we love it.

    Jan Priebe
  • This is very helpful in providing a multi-lingual documentation. It helps us control our content depending on the user's language settings.

    Armon Tiongco
  • Great add on, very easy to use and works well.

    Richard Gee

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