Advanced Panelboxes for Confluence

Customized panel boxes.

What if YOU could decide what your panels and boxes looked like in Confluence? Here’s the app that lets you design and choose from customized panels.

Create visually appealing Confluence pages

Advanced Panelboxes help you create and maintain an appealing visual structure of Confluence pages. Use them to draw attention to whatever you and your readers find useful: Highlight features, include links to other pages, and make them look consistent in your corporate identity.

Advanced Panelboxes for Confluence

Why use Advanced Panelboxes for Confluence?

Whether you are using Cloud or Data Center, providing a visual structure on Confluence pages is essential in any instance.

Match corporate identity

Create panels in your company's corporate identity (colors, styling) and make your users feel at home in Confluence.

Styled in one place

Administrators can create panel templates that are available for all Confluence users. Change a panel's style once, and all existing panels will adapt automatically.

Save time

Page editors don't need to worry about layout details when inserting panels. They simply pick one of the predefined layouts and can concentrate on the actual content.

Migrate with ease

If you are migrating from DC to Cloud, you can take your existing Panelboxes with you with just a few clicks.

Cloud Fortified

Our app has passed a systematic Atlassian inspection and is an exceptionally secure and reliable Cloud app.

Advanced Panelboxes is loved by
people who care about layout.

  • This plugin is FANTASTIC! This really is one of those plugins that should come standard with Confluence out of the box. Thank goodness for bitvoodoo for filling in the gap for confluence.

  • I am so grateful for this thing. I can come up with infinite colour schemes.

    Rupert Neethling
  • Great plugin, we are using this on most of our pages. People like the easy usage of predefined (company colors,...) boxes. Thanks for this great piece of software!

    Markus Lepper
  • With this plugin, you can forget about what parameters you used to that panel on one page. Using this plugin it is easy to create templates for panels in a very convenient way. Thanks for this.

    Klaus Feldmann

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