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Get valuable insights to optimise your Confluence spaces, pages and user experiences.

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Viewtracker is a powerful app that provides comprehensive analytics for Confluence users.

Get into the finer details of your Confluence usage with invaluable data and insights. Analyse page, space, attachments, and search activities. Monitor user behaviour. Make calculated, smarter decisions with data-driven results.


Why use Viewtracker?

It’s the most popular analytics app for Confluence on the Atlassian marketplace. It does one job and does it well. You get to instantly improve your Confluence content. All done with an easy plug-and-play setup.

Measure visitor behaviour

Monitor page, space and global activity: Views, edits, searches, etc.

Gain new insights

Compare the performance of content over time to see what’s working well.

Showcase important content

Display page statistics and usage trends for your team to discover.

Share analytics easily

Export reports via the built-in CSV export, the REST API, or via SQL.

Track from various sources

Find out how your content is being viewed (Confluence mobile, JSD portal, etc).

Cloud Fortified

Our app has passed a systematic Atlassian inspection and is an exceptionally secure and reliable Cloud app.

Protect your data

Meet GDPR legal requirements with ease using privacy options.

Viewtracker is loved by people
who care about their content.

  • This app is great for anyone who wants to make sure an important bit of news is read by their users or wants to evaluate whether content can safely be removed or archived as it isn't used any more. The fact that the app is installed and that is all that is needed to get stats on every page is especially good.

    Betsy Walker
  • We rely on Confluence to collaborate on marketing campaigns. Thanks to Viewtracker, we can now keep track of team members who have reviewed campaign pages, check in with those who haven't, and speed up our campaign planning process.

    Linh Pham
  • Great replacement for GA and helps to gather all the statistics of your pages!

    Joseph White
  • This is one of the most powerful add-ons of this nature. Nothing short of invaluable.

    Navjit Singh Brar
  • To get those pesky stats on which pages are used most!

    Christian Peper
  • Flawless installation, good documentation, works excellent. This will give us the information we need on what articles are read the most, and background to query the users "why are some articles more read than others".

    Ivar Sonstabo
  • Outstanding functionality. Makes usage visible to decision makers. Thank you.

    Rupert Neethling
  • Exactly what we needed.

    Phillip Herron
  • Nice plugin! Allows good insight to optimise page content. Thanks to CH!

    Markus Lepper
  • Very useful! Keep up the good work! Thanks.

    Michel Baus

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