Use CasesViewtracker - Analytics for Confluence

Confluence analytics and statistics for the human resources team

Why the HR team needs Confluence analytics

Viewtracker – Analytics for Confluence benefits the human resources (HR) team in many ways. Based on analytics and statistics data, there are always options to improve Confluence content performance and engagement rate. You might find yourself suited to one of the categories below in the HR team.

Content creators in the HR team

You publish important company news, HR updates and documentation on Confluence. You want to know if your content is being read, shared and valued by other departments in the enterprise.

Viewtracker – Analytics for Confluence’s built-in page report lets you get helpful Confluence statistics data to determine what content employees find useful. Refine onboarding documentation for new hires. Cater better to employee needs. Get valuable content performance insights to enhance the content plans you’re working on.

In our demo video, Edmond from HR wants to know how his newly created HR space and its content perform. Here’s how he can access this data with Viewtracker – Analytics for Confluence.

Space admins in the HR team 

You strategize and implement company policies on your department’s Confluence spaces. You want to manage these spaces more efficiently and get your team to create engaging content that brings value to your enterprise.

With Viewtracker – Analytics for Confluence’s built-in space and global reports, get all the data you need to create relevant policies, such as page view statistics, usage statistics, and more. Find out if teams are reading HR compliance guides and announcements in Confluence. Get the data visibility you need to optimize HR strategies and promote a healthier workplace.

Decision-makers in the HR team

You take on a leadership role in developing a positive culture at your enterprise. You consult upper management on HR operations but need data to support your ongoing plans.

Viewtracker – Analytics for Confluence’s built-in global report allows you to monitor all tracked data in your department’s Confluence instance at one glance. This allows you to easily report to stakeholders on the effectiveness of company-wide HR policies and compliance standards. The Confluence analytics data also gives you the insights needed to implement high-level strategies and improvements.

Improve your HR team’s efficiency with Viewtracker – Analytics for Confluence

Many helpful metrics and insights can be gained from the Viewtracker Content & Usage Report. With the Confluence content performance data, the HR team can search for and supply content users are looking for but cannot easily find. This also allows for content optimization to improve engagement rate and compliance.

Start supporting your human resources (HR) team today by using Viewtracker.

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