Use CasesViewtracker - Analytics for Confluence

Confluence analytics and statistics for the marketing & communication team

Why the Marketing and Communications team needs Confluence analytics

Whether you are a content creator, a Confluence space admin, or a decision-maker, Viewtracker – Analytics for Confluence helps with marketing and communications (Marcom) in many ways. No matter your role, there are always advantages to gain valuable Confluence analytics and statistics data insights, and work on optimizations based on them. You might find yourself suited to one of the categories below in the Marcom team.

Content creators in the Marcom team

As a content writer or corporate communications specialist, you create and publish Confluence content daily. You want to know if your content is being read, shared, and frequently visited by your colleagues.

With Viewtracker – Analytics for Confluence’s built-in page report, you can get the statistics you need to validate your work. Get insights from page views and user engagement to optimize your content. This helps you justify your content decisions to management.

The content report in Viewtracker - Analytics of Confluence
Content Report of a particular piece of content

Space admins in the Marcom team

You want to manage your department’s Confluence spaces more efficiently, improve your team’s content strategies and report results to stakeholders.

With Viewtracker – Analytics for Confluence’s built-in space and global reports, get all the space data such as page view statistics, user statistics, and other data you need to achieve your goals. Find out how teams are consuming your department’s content. Identify what’s working. Archive what isn’t. Get your team to work around winning formulas. Compare content strategy over time and report your findings to upper management.

Different interfaces of the report in the Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence
On-Premise Version – Monitor pages, attachments, searches, spaces, or even global usage. Show KPIs, filter by source, content type or using CQL. Track user activity at different time ranges.

Decision-makers in the Marcom team

You’re constantly looking for ways to lead your department better, drive up overall performance and hit business objectives that bring value to your enterprise.

With Viewtracker – Analytics for Confluence, you can make more informed, data-backed decisions on the effectiveness of Confluence usage in your department. Does the data justify the investment in licenses? Is Confluence used regularly by your team? The answers to these important questions are just an export of insights away.

Improve your Marcom team’s efficiency with Viewtracker – Analytics for Confluence

Many helpful metrics and insights can be gained from the Viewtracker Content & Usage Report, introduced in 2022. With the Confluence content performance data, the Marcom team is able to identify the most successful content pieces and optimize their strategy for future content.

Learn more about how bitvoodoo’s Viewtracker supports your marketing and communication (Marcom) team today!

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