Use CasesViewtracker - Analytics for Confluence

Analytics for the IT team

Viewtracker benefits IT service management (ITSM) in many ways. As a Confluence user, you’re either a content creator, space administrator or a decision-maker. No matter your role, there are always advantages to gain with the valuable insights you get to improve and optimise your work. You might find yourself suited to one of the categories below in the IT department.

Content Creators

You create support knowledge base documentation on Confluence for ITSM. You’re always looking to improve your content by finding better ways to help customers with their queries.

With Viewtracker’s built-in page report, get the statistics you need to optimise the support documentation you create. Refine your content with insights from page engagement rates. Increase the effectiveness of your content to support customers more effortlessly.

Space Admins 

You take care of your department’s Confluence spaces and implement Jira Service Management (JSM) best practices for your team. 

With Viewtracker’s ability to integrate with JSM, you can get statistics to monitor the effectiveness of support documentation for your ITSM teams. Compare page views and support tickets on issues. Determine if content is effective enough or needs enhancing. Create a better, self-serving support system to ease the JSM team’s workload.


As an IT lead, you want to maximise value from your workplace with the right tech investments. You also need high-level data privacy control options to comply with GDPR laws.

With Viewtracker, you can get statistics to monitor and control all tracked data in your enterprise’s Confluence instances. Get insights to justify your tech and software investments to upper management. Have the ability to set privacy levels and protect user data. Control which spaces to track. Disable tracking for spaces that contain sensitive information. It’s all in your control.

More metrics and insights can be gained from the Viewtracker Content & Usage Report, introduced in 2022.