Confidential Fields with Data Residency

Protect your sensitive Jira data on Cloud.

Use Jira Cloud self-confidently and safely in your organization.

Don't let regulatory requirements keep you from moving to Jira Cloud.

Neither Atlassian nor bitvoodoo can read your data.

Compliance with all major data regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA, Soc 2, etc.

Protect sensitive data: Restrict access to custom field data.


Follow the blue hints in the following demo to see how easy it is to set the hosting and your required restrictions on the Confidential Fields.

Click here to view the full-screen version of this demo.

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Why use Confidential Fields with Data Residency for Jira?

At bitvoodoo, we take safety seriously and operate in highly regulated countries (Switzerland, Germany) ourselves. We know the hurdles that prevent our customers from using Jira in the cloud. And that’s why we developed this app.

Read more about how the app Confidential Fields ensures data security and safety.

Cloud, the safe way

Our app is built on Forge, which runs the app inside a second security layer by design. Also, it has passed a systematic Atlassian inspection and has been awarded the batch Cloud Fortified.

Strong cloud data security

The secret key is stored in Atlassian infrastructure, ensuring robust cloud data security. Unencrypted data never leaves Jira.

Identify the data residency

The custom field values are encrypted using AES 256 and stored in your Jira database for enhanced cloud data security.

Fulfill data privacy regulations

Data is hosted in the Jira Cloud that complies with major data privacy regulations (GDPR, HIPAA, GLB, FTC, CCPA, nFADP, etc.).

Set access permission

Grant or restrict access permission on who can view and edit certain data in your special custom fields through the privacy setting.

Full documentation

Need to know more before you decide? Read more about the data hosting & learn how your data is secure.

Use Cases

  • I have to control which system has access to certain data.

    Confidential Fields solution: Store the encrypted data in the Jira database
  • I have regulatory requirements.

    Confidential Fields solution: Be compliant by storing data in a secure database located in a specific region
  • Data sovereignty is key for my company.

    Confidential Fields solution: Store encrypted data in your own database
  • I want to restrict who can view or edit sensitive data.

    Confidential Fields solution: Set specific permissions for any custom field

More about Confidential Fields with Data Residency

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