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Professional information management with Metadata and Advanced Search

Structure Information in Confluence & Find It with Advanced Search and the Metadata App

How can information be stored and found in Confluence in a structured way? Be it for documentation, product information, process descriptions or project planning details, information management logic helps employees access and process important content more quickly.

The goal of information management is to make an organization’s information available to all employees in an uncomplicated, streamlined and targeted manner. Confluence, Atlassian’s enterprise information management solution, was designed for just this purpose. It follows the basic concept of Wiki software: to make accessing knowledge as quick and easy as possible.  

In a wiki, much attention is focused on being able to capture information without technical hurdles. Content is stored in simple logical structures and linked together by tags and links. Often this is enough. But sometimes, it is more effective to build a database-like structure in order to be able to search very specifically for content and information.

Structured Searches with Metadata

App creator Communardo closes this gap with the app Metadata for Confluence. With the help of this app, information in Confluence can be provided with pre-defined metadata sets and categorized in detail. If the information appears in such a logical structure – recorded with categories, content types, etc. – one is able to search using this metadata. The output search results are, therefore, very precise.

Individual Search Masks

As a valuable extension, bitvoodoo has developed a search app called «Advanced Search for Confluence». The app lets you design individual search masks. Depending on the target group, a search mask can contain predefined filter settings. Alternatively, users can decide for themselves which settings are right for them. The different target groups do not work with the general Confluence search; they use an individual search mask adapted to their needs. The search mask can be further refined depending on the content. 

Enterprise Theme for CI/CD-compatible Designs

The main requirements of the new platform defined that information should be stored centrally and in a discernible style.

The bitvoodoo Enterprise Theme fits this structuring of the data perfectly. This allows the design of Confluence to be designed according to your wishes. An attractive work look-and-feel of the platform designed to suit your corporate identity motivates employees to work with Confluence and adopt it within their daily processes.

App trio for the win

This set of Metadata App, Advanced Search App, and Enterprise Theme was used at PostFinance and other customers. In the case of PostFinance, more than 2500 Confluence content items were structured in three languages, fifteen subject categories, and six document types using the Metadata app. These items could then be picked up from the Advanced Search app. All the time, Enterprise Theme provided a consistent look and feel to match the corporate identity.