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“Cloud Fortified” badge for bitvoodoo apps

We are proud to announce that as of August 2021, all of bitvoodoo’s Cloud-ready apps now carry the badge “Cloud Fortified” in the Atlassian Marketplace.

Update in October 2022: Our latest app, Confidential Fields, is now also Cloud Fortified.

What does this mean for our app customers, and why is bitvoodoo part of this program?

Search results on Atlassian Marketplace for “bitvoodoo” and “Cloud Fortified Apps”

First, let’s clarify two terms for badges that can be awarded to Cloud apps: “Cloud Security Participant” and “Cloud Fortified”.

What does “Cloud Security Participant” mean?

To obtain this badge, Marketplace vendors must be part of the Marketplace Bug Bounty program. This is a security program where experts try to find vulnerabilities in an app and point those out to the vendors.

The badge “Cloud Security Participant” is easier to obtain than “Cloud Fortified” since it only covers a subset of the Fortified requirements. We at bitvoodoo have been part of the Bug Bounty Program since 2020.

What does “Cloud Fortified” mean?

“Cloud Fortified” comes on top of the standard security and privacy requirements of Cloud apps. It focuses on the Cloud app’s reliability and the company’s willingness and ability to provide support. It is, therefore, especially relevant for enterprise customers.

You can read more about the different batches on Atlassian’s app trust page.

Why this matters to bitvoodoo app customers

With bitvoodoo’s historical focus on enterprise customers, being awarded the “Cloud Fortified” badge is a milestone for our cloud apps. It proves that our cloud apps fulfill the latest security requirements and can safely be used by customers in large enterprises worldwide. Of course, Confluence users from any cloud plan can profit from the benefits of our badge; it is not restricted to Enterprise and Premium customers.

To receive the badge “Cloud Fortified”, we at bitvoodoo had to prove the following:

  • We perform additional checks to ensure our apps run reliably and quickly in large instances.
  • We need to make sure our apps remain compatible if Atlassian updates Confluence.
  • Our incident and review processes are integrated with Atlassian’s processes, so we can troubleshoot quickly and improve continuously.
  • We promise to provide support within 24 hours, 5 days a week.

While we are up to speed with the latest Atlassian cloud development, we also have a variety of proven Data Center/Server apps in our portfolio.