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Enterprise Theme Version 6 – perfect basis for a modern social intranet

Atlassian’s Confluence for Data Center or Server works perfectly “out of the box” as a collaboration platform, enterprise wiki or knowledge base. If it is used as an intranet, however, there are some features that will be sorely missed. This includes adapting Confluence to your corporate design. The Enterprise Theme Version 6 meets these requirements – and more.

Since the first release on the Atlassian Marketplace in March 2013, our Enterprise Theme App has established itself as the standard tool for implementing sophisticated intranet solutions based on Confluence Server. With the update to version 6, we gave the Enterprise Theme a new design called Bernina, which contains a whole bunch of new features.

Header images – A picture is worth a thousand words

A good intranet not only simplifies the flow of information and collaboration, but also strengthens identification with the company and the feeling of togetherness among employees. And what better way to convey these emotions than a good picture? This is why you can now also incorporate full-page header images in the Enterprise Theme and set them up both globally and individually for each space. And if the page content in a certain space is more important than the header image, it can be deactivated again on a space basis.

Tidy user interface and new design options

Standard navigation elements such as “People” or “Spaces” have been combined to simplify navigation and make it clearer. Space Tools & Shortcuts are also in a new location with a new icon. Individual page contents are now visually better separated from each other in the form of tiles, which opens up completely new design options. In combination with the titled panelbox macro, visually appealing and convincing dashboards can be created within a short period of time.

People and Spaces
Space tools and shortcuts
Outline of content element with tiles

Better performance of the entire theme

In addition to the improvements in design and the user experience, we have also optimized the performance under the hood. Thanks to CSS and JavaScript optimizations, we were able to reduce the average page load time by 30%.

Improved macros

We have equipped two popular Enterprise Theme macros with very special functions:

In the Titled Panelbox macro, additional buttons can now be built into the header and footer, for example, to link to detail pages. In addition, icons can now be integrated both into the title bar and in the buttons. An extensive set of standard icons is already included. Thanks to the optimized configuration menu, the macro can be adapted to your own requirements in no time at all.

The popular Quicklinks macro now also contains the new icon set.

The new icons are always displayed sharply, regardless of the screen size.

The dark side of power…

The so-called “Dark Features” enable advanced Confluence users (with admin rights) to make adjustments that are not available in the normal admin environment. A few new features have now been added to Enterprise Theme 6. For example, you can set whether the search field should appear on the left or right. In addition, the «Create» button can be moved from the content to the header area. An overview of all dark features can be found in our documentation.

The future of working with Confluence

Modern intranet sites have long been more than a collection of links or a documentation repository. The new Enterprise Theme Version 6 offers you the opportunity to set up an attractive social intranet with your own look and feel, which your employees will enjoy working with.