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Introducing the Tab Wizard: Now Available for Data Center!

We are excited to announce that the Tab Wizard Macro is now available for Data Center users! This powerful tool combines the functionality of Childtabs, Labeltabs, and Handpicked tabs into one convenient macro.

Main Benefits

  • Simplified Experience: One macro for all your tab needs, reducing complexity.
  • Customization: Easily adjust tab design, orientation, width, and content height.
  • Full-Screen Editing: More space for content creation and preview.

Key Features and Advantages

Select existing pages (previously Handpicked Tabs macro)

Would you like to incorporate existing Confluence pages as tabs? You can easily do this by searching for and selecting the desired pages within the interface. Once selected, tabs displaying the content of these pages will be automatically created. You have the flexibility to choose pages from any space within Confluence.

Define labels (previously Labeltabs)

Gather all pages with one or more specific labels and render them as tabs. Define one or multiple labels and use the CQL filter to refine the results. The Tab Wizard will automatically create tabs for pages containing the specified label(s) and display their content. By default, it will include all pages with the specified labels, regardless of their location.

Define a parent page (previously Childtabs macro)

Here, you can select a parent page, which will then create tabs out of all child pages. By default, the current page is selected as a parent page, but you can choose any parent page.

To find out more, read our documentation. For specific use cases, check out our blog post. We wish you fun trying out the Tab Wizard in Confluence Data Center! 

If you have questions or feedback, please contact our support team! Furthermore, we welcome additional feedback. Your input lets us improve our offering and provide the best product possible.