We have climbed another step

bitvoodoo ag | Silver Marketplace Partner

Silver Marketplace Partner

There is a German saying that you should celebrate the parties as they fall. So today is a day when we here at bitvoodoo ag can pause for a moment, reflect on the road we’ve travelled, and rejoice in a new milestone we’ve reached. We have received Silver Marketplace Partner status from Atlassian.

This status is a sign that we meet Atlassian’s enhanced requirements for our apps

  • Cloud and Data Center – Marketplace Partners are investing in Cloud and have Data Center Approved versions of their high-traction server apps.
  • Security – Marketplace Partners are security-minded and improving their security practices by participating in our Marketplace security programs. We have introduced a new Cloud Security Participant badge for participating cloud apps on Marketplace so customers can make informed decisions about the security of the cloud apps.

It is also a clear signal that we believe in the Atlassian platform. We reinforce our commitment to developing existing apps and new apps based on the needs of our users, customers and partners.

Thank you

But more than that, this new status should be a big thank you to all parties involved:

  • To all employees: Since the first app release until today, you face the growing demands and thus improve our apps and our internal cooperation every day. It is a pleasure to see how we gain new app customers every day and how we work together to achieve our goals.
  • To all partners: You help us grow together with your helpfulness and open communication. And thank you for recommending our apps to your customers.
  • To all our customers: Thank you for buying and using our apps, but also for questioning things again and again and making us look for ways to improve.

We look forward to the road ahead and the goals we will achieve together.

Read the official Atlassian announcement here.