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New Navitabs macro “Handpicked Tabs”

Navitabs new Handpicked Tabs macro

We have just released a new macro for Navitabs Data Center & Server. It’s called “Handpicked Tabs” and does what it says on the label: You get to choose exactly which Confluence pages to list as tab navigation. This is what differs it from the existing Navitabs macros Childtabs and Labeltabs, which create the tab navigation automatically. While this is very useful in many cases, the automatic tabs are also very rigid, and it’s hard to get rid of unwanted tabs. With the Handpicked Tabs, you are completely free to select the content that makes sense in your specific case.

Also, you get to decide the order of your individual tabs. Just drag & drop the pages in the list to make sure the most important tab is listed first. This is the tab whose content will be presented when somebody accesses the page.

Reorder the pages you have selected

This is how a page for onboarding new employees might look:

Resulting tab navigation with hand-picked tabs

We can’t wait to see you using this new macro. What will YOU use it for?