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Viewtracker Cloud release: New overview, report permissions and API

We listen and strive to enhance our Viewtracker app according to customers’ feedback.
With the latest version of Viewtracker Cloud, the following new features have been introduced.

New Overview for the Global and Space Report

We have visually and functionally optimized the top lists: Top Content, Spaces, and Viewers. We have also introduced a new view of the most important key figures, structured into Views, Contributions, and Engagement.

➡ Access the Space or the Global Report in Viewtracker to see the new report overview.

Global Report Overview with the top list and key figures

Access permission for Space and Content Reports

Access to Space Reports and Content Reports can now be restricted. Define the user groups that are allowed to view the Space and Content Reports. This can be done globally or for each space.

📖 Read all about access permission

Access Permission for all Space and Content Reports

Viewtracker Cloud API

Viewtracker Cloud now has its own API. Numbers that can be accessed via the API:

  • views of specific content
  • views of all content within a space
  • most frequent search term in your Confluence instance

📖 Read all about the API

Ready to start digging into your Viewtracker data?

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