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New Confluence Reporting Analytics: URL Reports in Viewtracker On-Premise/Data Center

We’re excited to introduce a new feature in Viewtracker, our analytics tool for Atlassian Confluence. After the Cloud release, we’ve incorporated the Confluence URL Report for Viewtracker Data Center. Let’s explore this feature together!

Confluence URL Reports

We’d like to present to you the Confluence URL Reports. This feature digs deep into the analytics of Confluence reporting components. From the Dashboard, Space Directory, to the Calendar and People Search, we’ve got you covered. Not only can you monitor those standard Confluence reporting elements, but you can also see visits to specific profiles, spaces or calendars. And if there’s a URL we haven’t covered yet? The “URL to track” function explained below ensures easy addition.

Confluence URL Report Overview

What does the Confluence URL Report for Confluence On-Premise or Data Center consist of exactly?

Track Default URLs

The Confluence URL Reports consist of default tracking URLs we’ve already set up for you and only need activation. This includes “All User Profiles”, “Blog Overview” for each Space, “Dashboard” and more. In the past, none of these overviews were trackable by any Confluence reporting tool.

At any time, an administrator can choose which components to track. Users can also access a full URL report that contains detailed information: A graph of views over time, the viewer’s username and the timestamp of each view.

Detailed URL Report

In addition, you can export the report’s data to a CSV file, making it simple to incorporate this information into your broader data analysis processes. For each piece of Confluence content you track, you can share its report via the designated share button. There’s also an option to limit access to these shared reports.

Track reports from 3rd-party app content

๐ŸŽ‰ At the outset, we support content reports for two apps by other Marketplace vendors in Viewtracker Data Center.

-> Linchpin Intranet Suite by //Seibert/Media with the overview pages:

  • News Hub
  • Event Hub
  • Launchpad
  • Microblog

With Confluence URL Reports, you are ableย  to gather additional Linchpin Intranet Analytics that reports on your Intranet usage, page visits, and the way people work with the system.ย 

-> Refined for Confluence | Sites & Themes.

  • Blogs overview
  • User dashboard
  • Categories

We will work on including more and more 3rd-party app content. Should you wish for us to integrate an additional app, please let our app support know.

Add your custom URLs

If you want to track any other Confluence content with a distinct URL, click the “+ URL to track” button. This will show you a form where you can enter the link of any Confluence content you want to keep an eye on.

In Closing

Our latest feature allows you to track content in the Confluence On-Premise/Data Center that previously couldn’t be tracked by any analytics tool. The detailed analytics will help you determine its relevance. Our documentation will guide you through the Confluence URL tracking.

Thank you for your support and feedback as we improve Viewtracker. We’re excited to hear how these updates improve your Confluence reporting experience. More improvements are coming soon. Enjoy analyzing! ๐Ÿ“ˆ